Welcome to Calvary Deliverance Ministries, South Africa.

WELCOME TO THE CALVARY DELIVERANCE MINISTRIES WEBSITE popularly known as (C.D.M). Calvary Deliverance Ministries as the name implies is a Healing and Deliverance Ministry. As clearly stated in Luke 4:18, where the mission of Jesus on earth was summed up. By the Grace of God, the ministry has doggedly and consistently applied itself to the mandate. As a matter of fact, Calvary Deliverance Ministry has become a household name for deliverance in Johannesburg and South Africa as a whole.


  • YOKE OF NO MARRIAGE BROKEN My name is sister Beauty I would like to thank God for breaking the yoke of no marriage in my family. No one was married In my family, we only heard it next door but glory be to God my sister is getting married and her bride price is paid and white wedding is taking place in two week time.

    Sister Beauty
  • SPINAL CORD PROBLEM GONE My name is sister Glanis Glory be to God, my brother was suffering from a spinal cord problem and I came to the pastor for prayers and to God be the glory my brother is healed, he can now walk, he can do what he was not doing.

    Sister Glanis
  • SAFE DELIVERY AFTER PRAYER My name is Nomaqhawe I thank God today for the new additional into my family and for the safe delivery. My sister’s Pregnancy had complications and the doctors didn’t know what to do, when they decided to Operate her, I called Pastor Dibia who prayed for her and the baby on the phone, few hours Later she delivered healthy bouncing baby girl no operation. All glory be unto the Lord Jesus.

  • GOD HELPED ME TO LOCATE MY DIVINE HELPER Brother David All the glory to the most- high God for locating my divine helper and his favor upon my life. I Have been looking for my brother for ten years and for the past4 months I have not been Working and was struggling to make ends meet, but after Wednesday prayers of deliverance, as I walked down town I heard my brother name being called and when I turned to look it was him from that encounter my life has changed. He has helped me get my work permit, paid for my course and now is sponsoring my business. All the praise to the most high God.

    Brother David
  • MIRACULOUS SALARY INCREASE My name is Nompilo I would like to thank God for wiping away my tears. We had a program in church “it’s my time to Laugh’’ and God has given me a reason to laugh,. The company I have worked for, for 15 years had been underpaying me, but after the program my boss called me to the office whilst I was debating with myself as to why he called me, they apologized for underpaying me and informed me that they are going to back pay me every cent they owe, secondly they are going to draw a new contract for me with befitting benefit, I give God all the praise for breaking the yoke.

  • TEN CENT CAME OUT FROM THE NOSE My name is sister grace I want to thank God on behalf of my son Destiny, it happened that ten cent entered his nose for more than two week and he never complained or felt any pain as a child. One day I was bathing him and I saw something trying to come out of his nose , then I helped him to blow and that was when a coin came out of his nose. I give God all the glory for delivering my son.

    Sister Grace